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La Sucrière, an events venue in a great location with all you could ever need under one roof


A building located in the heart of a festive and dynamic neighbourhood.

It is one of the both historic and emblematic buildings of the newly revamped Lyon Confluence district, currently the largest contemporary architectural project in Europe, which has called on leading international architects (Jakob & Mac Farlane, Wilmotte & Associates, etc.) to oversee the design of the different buildings that compose it.

Today, these completely reconfigured old docklands, are home to restaurants, contemporary art galleries, design stores but also the headquarters of institutions and large companies (GL Events, Euronews, Groupe Cardinal etc.).

Just a stone’s throw away from La Sucrière there is a shopping centre with shops, a cinema complex (UGC Ciné Cité Confluence), a car park (Pôle de Commerces and Leisure Confluence) and many hotels.