Le Monde de Steve McCurry – The Steve McCurry expo, an ongoing success story !

Following an incredibly successful first opening, the Steeve McCurry expo is to re-open its doors to the public from the 5th to the 21st July


Due to unprecedented popular demand, we are proud to announce that… after a very short intermission, the expo is reopening its doors from the 5th to the 21st July 2019 following this year’s incredibly successful expo!

With over 80000 visitors since the beginning of February, it’s now or never to come again or discover the 200 exhibited works of this groundbreaking American photographer.

Through a vast and fascinating repertoire of pictures where the human being always takes centre stage, albeit at times discreetly, the exhibition takes the visitor on a long voyage through the eyes of Steeve McCurry from Afghanistan to India, from South East Asia to Africa, from Cuba to the USA, from Brazil to Italy.

To make the most of this exceptional reopening buy your tickets online here.