La Sucrière, first stop on the Imagine Picasso exhibition world tour !

Imagine Picasso at La Sucrière: a completely new immersive experience

Imagine Picasso

Imagine Picasso at La Sucrière: a completely new immersive experience

La Sucrière in Lyon was chosen to host the worldwide launch of the Imagine Picasso exhibition, a unique immersive experience into the artist’s world. The exhibition creators invite you to discover over 200 of Picasso’s works projected using the “Total Image” approach in a scenography specially designed for La Sucrière.  The exhibition runs from October 17, 2019 to February 02, 2020, before continuing its route throughout the world. This is a unique occasion to privatize the venue for your own professional event!


World premiere of Imagine Picasso at La Sucrière in Lyon

For the world premiere of Imagine Picasso, creators Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, working in collaboration with architect Rudy Ricciotti and art historian Androula Michael, chose the city of Lyon, France.
Offering a fresh way to discover Picasso, the designers not only give people a way to observe paintings, but also to admire projections of them with a “Total Image” approach. This technique enables people to dive into the heart of Picasso’s works, deep into their details and materials. Imagine Picasso is truly a technological performance, custom designed to adorn 1,400 m² at La Sucrière. The exhibition adapts to the height of this extraordinary space to give visitors a unique immersive experience.
Imagine Picasso at La Sucrière is the only immersive exhibition in the world entirely dedicated to the artist and approved by the Picasso Administration.

A technical achievement  

Using a technique involving multiple projections of giant images accompanied by immersive audio, the creators of Imagine Picasso set up scenography that is completely adapted to the La Sucrière space. “Technically, we had to ensure multichannel music synchronization with the 80 video projectors handling HD content. The size of the La Sucrière room also made the project very complex. We had to set up a complete fiber optic network to transport audio and video signals” explains Julien Baron.


An exhibition for people of all ages

The exhibition was designed to appeal to all audiences, regardless of age, offering visitors a truly new look at the incredible universe of Pablo Picasso. An immersive experience in a historical building in Lyon, the exhibition will convince Picasso fans as well as novices and children. With an elegantly staged introduction to the exhibition, the main orientations are presented clearly along two distinct paths: one created for adults, the other designed for children.
Imagine Picasso at La Sucrière is an unprecedented artistic discovery that is ideal for people of all ages. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey! Visit La Sucrière from October 17, 2019 to February 02, 2020.


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