Nuits Sonores 2022

A night with…


Nuits sonores is coming home to the springtime and gravitating back to its traditional place on the calendar: the delightful Ascension weekend.

In addition to its spring homecoming, this 19th edition also marks an important turning point in the history of the festival, as its framework, rhythm and programming are once more laid at the behest of its constant reinvention.

On this occasion, the Fagor-Brandt factories will host the daytime programme over the course of four long Days, while La Sucrière and Le Sucre will host the festival’s nighttime programme (A night with…), co-curated this year by Lala &ce, Dj Harvey, Helena Hauff and Honey Dijon.


nuits sonores 2022



Useful Information

Hours : 23.00—05.00

Price : €29

Ticketing :  

Contact : Arty Farty

Mail : bonjour[@]