1930 space


The ideal place for hosting gala dinners, shows and conventions, consisting of:


- a 1,700m² ground floor events room, with a height of 4.8m around the sides and 8.2m in the central area, that has retained its industrial charm, preserving the old sugar feed chutes that were installed during the building’s construction.
- a 1,100m² mezzanine level 4.8 m high, overlooking the ground floor area; bathed in light, it can be accessed via outdoor balconies suspended over the Saône.




Surface area

Plenary assemblies


Seated dinners

1930 Room Ground floor

1 700m²


3 000

1 100

1930 Area
(Ground floor + mezzanine)

2 800m²


4 000

1 500



  • Address:
    49/50 Quai Rambaud
    69002 Lyon


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