The world of Steve McCurry
The world of Steve McCurry
The world of Steve McCurry

Until  26 of May 2019

The World of Steve McCurry presents more than 200 photos in a large format. It is the largest and most complete retrospective dedicated to the American photographer. One can admire his most famous photographs, realized throughout his 35 years of career, as well as his most recent photographs and many unpublished ones.

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le 23 mai 2019

C’est la rencontre annuelle incontournable pour tous les jeunes entrepreneurs de Lyon et Saint Etienne.

Un moment privilégié d’échanges et de partage qui réunit les entrepreneurs, les étudiants, les entreprises, les collectivités, les réseaux entrepreneuriaux et les établissements universitaires.


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Nuits Sonores 2019
Nuits Sonores 2019 en
Nuits Sonores 2019 en

28 may—02 june 2019

Nuits Sonores is a cultural, artistic and urban laboratory that was born in Lyon in 2003.


With carefully-selected programming that is resolutely independent and fresh, the festival synthesises its key values of openness and diversity, championing the universal quality of music and encouraging artistic forms to break free from their shackles. It thereby fosters better interaction and a greater variety of experiments in different creative sectors such as design, imagery, graphics, food culture and architecture.


An accessible and unifying force, Nuits Sonores aims to bring together a varied audience that is uninhibited by generational, social or geographical barriers. This ambition is reflected in the festival’s physical presence at the heart of communities, districts and living environments.


Every year for 5 days and 5 nights, the festival inhabits 40 locations across the city of Lyon, including distinguished industrial heritage sites, iconic landmarks and everyday locations. During this time, Nuits Sonores transforms Lyon into a unique urban space of freedom, togetherness and sharing.




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